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If you want to link our book store in your site use this direct link:

You can embed within the banners below.

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Social Sharing Made Easy

The majority of our contributors share their content on a consistent basis; if this is you then this is simply a walk-thru and refresher.

We would like to get the share rate as close to 100% as possible.

I know many of you have busy schedules.  I know others have people dedicated to doing their social media posts.  But today I wanted to show the easiest way to share your articles and the articles from other authors on

When your article is published we share across our social platforms and e-mail you a notification and link to the article:

First thing you do is click the link which takes you to the article…

Here is a standard published article:

Social Page

A super yummy Raw Food meal full of health and happiness from Emily von Euw (@rawsomevegan)

Here are the super fast and effective methods of sharing:

1)      Facebook / Google +:

like google plus

Just click LIKE and +1 (you will see the number of likes has gone from 10 to 11 and +1 from 2 to 3)

2)      Twitter:

Click the tweet button and this pops up… at this point you could simply click ‘Tweet’ or check this post for more advanced sharing techniques:


(Awesome Side Note: soon after I clicked ‘Tweet’ Ruth Kaiser <@SpontaneouslySmiley> retweeted…  perfect!)

3)      +Share:

The share button opens up many other social sharing sites.  If you like Reddit, StumbleUpon, or other sharing sites this is the place to find them.  One thing to note: with Reddit and StumbleUpon you can only share so many posts from your own blog before being blacklisted… if you share your VL articles it acts as a double benefit (1 – shared from another site / 2 – more of your content shared)


In under 3 minutes you can check your article and share it’s beauty with the world!

Easy Peasy!

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Introducing… VividLife Illumiversity!


We are very excited to announce the birth of VividLife Illumiversity; our e-summit series dedicated towards furthering our mission to help people live their ultimate life!  VividLife Illumiversity e-summits are concentrated, insightful, and implementable.  We are bringing together leading minds to go deeply into topic areas associated with living an ulitimate life.

Upcoming e-summits include: empowering youth, sex and pleasure, conscious relationships, yoga and meditation…

Our daily e-newspaper ( and radio programming is at the core of VividLife.  The addition of VividLife Illumiversity allows for us to take our relationship with our community to a much deeper level.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can take part.  We love organic growth so we have developed 3 ways to participate and benefit from our e-conferences:

1)  Affiliate Partnership: we will provide you with an affiliate link, email copy, social media ideas to drive people to your personalized landing page where you will receive 20% of any revenues you bring in under your code.  This is a very simple way to bring value to your community and your bank account.

2) VL Illumiversity Teacher: we work closely with our Illumiveristy hosts to choose the amazing teachers who will be sharing their wisdom and insights with our community.  We are looking to ‘promote from within’ meaning those who are actively part of our community sharing their published articles, promoting our e-conferences, and being an active member in our VividLife family.

3) VL Illumiversity Host: we are always looking, listening, and open to ideas for future e-summits.  In this case we are open to your topics, teacher line-ups, and any other concept or idea you have.  We select our hosts well in advance and have solidified hosts for our first 6 e-conferences.

This is an opportunity to do something really special for our shared communities and make a huge impact in the lives of people who trust, respect, and love us.  We don’t treat this honor lightly and strive to continue to flow the love back into our community.

I am here to answer any questions you have.  We would love for you to take advantage of the opportunity to become an Affiliate Partner.  Please let me know ( if you are interested in partnering with us to maximize our positive impact in the world.

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Your Contributor Badge is Here…

Thank you for contributing to !  We have created a way for you to share this honour with your community… the contributor badge is here! Please choose one of the two badges below to highlight on your website:



When uploading the badge on your own site, we suggest linking it directly to your list of published articles.

Like this:

Or if you prefer you can simply link directly to our landing page:

If you are experiencing difficulty locating your author page please send me an e-mail ( and I will provide the link to you.  We are working to design a better functioning contributor area of the site so that it is easier for our community to find you.

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Twitter: Effective Tweeting

There are big benefits of taking a few extra seconds to improve the quality of your tweets including:

  • Your tweet reaches a larger audience (increased retweets, quote tweets, favorited, and # tag conversation followers)
  • Key people are able to have the message directed at them (key people may include those mentioned in the article, interested followers, people of influence)
  • The ‘tweet’ is archived in Vividlife under #VLME – the more people that use #VLME in tweets the more our combined #VLME conversation grows bringing in more readers
  • It makes every retweet more powerful and effective

We will use an article posted by TV personality Michelle Phillips as our working example.

Michelle Phillips – Love the Body You Have Today


1) On the left of the article you have the ability to choose which social media platform you would like to share our articles on

2) Click ‘Tweet

3) A new window pops up that says ‘Share a link with your followers’


4) Instead of simply clicking ‘Tweet’ there are a few simple editing alterations to make the Tweet really stand out and reach even a larger audience.

  • Create a catchier opening statement… we know the article is titled “Love the Body You Have Today!” as it is in the link… I’ve edited it to read: “I’ve learned to love my body! How do you feel about yours?”
  • Now direct the tweet to certain people… in this example I’ve directed it to the author, Michelle Phillips – (@TVBeautyCoach), – (@Vividlife), and I will also direct it to Carre Otis – (@CarreOtis) because she is a big advocate of the importance of developing healthy body image
  • Finally add #VLME to any article you highlight from as it builds the twitter conversation


5. Click ‘Tweet‘ and you’re set!!!

It is that easy!!


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Login and Posting Basics

Hello Vividlife Partners,

Thank you for continuing to support our community’s goal of living an ultimate life.

For many –  we have spent some time walking through various aspects of the contributor process.  We will continue to provide tips in the VL Partner newsletters.

Today I will address the very basic of logging into our website as a contributor and posting an article.  I will also share what we do and how doing more on your end helps to increase the flow of articles we are able to publish and the probability that your article will be published in a timely fashion.

Submitting an Article to Pending/Draft status

** Note ** you can do no permanent damage in the backend of our site.  We always review all parts of a post before publishing so feel free to complete any components of the post.

1) You, the contributor, use your login information at ( to enter the backend of our website


2) Scroll over ‘POSTS‘ and click ‘add new

New Post

3) Copy and Paste the Title and Body of your article

4) This next step is currently optional / sometimes / ongoing work-in-progress and will be a focus in future monthly communications.  I’m focusing on the completion of other components which includes:

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Excerpt
  • SEO title, description, and keywords

5) Click  ‘Save Draft‘ or ‘Save as Pending‘ – we prefer if you click the Edit button beside Status and change to Pending Review

Save as Pending


What Vividlife Does After an Article is moved into Pending

We review all newly submitted articles and select an appropriate image.  The less ‘work’ we need to do in getting a post ready to publish the better for all of us.

The more complete the article is in first review the more time we have to publish articles.

We also select images that flow with our template and the energy of

We then publish the article

Finally, we notify you through email/Twitter and share with our social communities

Thank you,


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