Login and Posting Basics

Hello Vividlife Partners,

Thank you for continuing to support our community’s goal of living an ultimate life.

For many –  we have spent some time walking through various aspects of the contributor process.  We will continue to provide tips in the VL Partner newsletters.

Today I will address the very basic of logging into our website as a contributor and posting an article.  I will also share what we do and how doing more on your end helps to increase the flow of articles we are able to publish and the probability that your article will be published in a timely fashion.

Submitting an Article to Pending/Draft status

** Note ** you can do no permanent damage in the backend of our site.  We always review all parts of a post before publishing so feel free to complete any components of the post.

1) You, the contributor, use your login information at (http://vividlife.me/ultimate/wp-login.php) to enter the backend of our website


2) Scroll over ‘POSTS‘ and click ‘add new

New Post

3) Copy and Paste the Title and Body of your article

4) This next step is currently optional / sometimes / ongoing work-in-progress and will be a focus in future monthly communications.  I’m focusing on the completion of other components which includes:

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Excerpt
  • SEO title, description, and keywords

5) Click  ‘Save Draft‘ or ‘Save as Pending‘ – we prefer if you click the Edit button beside Status and change to Pending Review

Save as Pending


What Vividlife Does After an Article is moved into Pending

We review all newly submitted articles and select an appropriate image.  The less ‘work’ we need to do in getting a post ready to publish the better for all of us.

The more complete the article is in first review the more time we have to publish articles.

We also select images that flow with our template and the energy of Vividlife.me

We then publish the article

Finally, we notify you through email/Twitter and share with our social communities

Thank you,


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